Sustainable decommissioning and integrated closure planning of selected mine sites in the Bicol Region, Philippines


  • Amelia B. Gonzales Bicol University College of Engineering, East Campus, Legazpi City, Albay 4500



integrated closure planning, sustainable decommissioning


The study assessed the status of the Rapu-Rapu Minerals, Incorporated (RRMI) and the Filminera Resources Corporation (FRC) which are the polymetallic and mineral mining sites, respectively in the Bicol Region, Philippines regarding their mine closure and decommissioning procedures in relation to the impact communities that they engaged. It is in this context that the study was implemented to set a management direction in the inevitable event of mine closure and decommissioning. The study utilized the qualitative and quantitative methods of research. Respondents consisted of the key officials of government agencies and municipal and barangay officials as well as households of the host and impact communities covering the two mining sites of Rapu-Rapu and Aroroy as well as community organizations and mining company representatives. Findings showed that both mining sites extract similar resources and have been paying taxes to the Philippine government. Although the RRMI has initiated its mine closure process, decommissioning is underway and still needs to undergo its standard procedure with various stakeholders, while FRC has its operations ongoing. It is recommended that mine closure planning must be integrated within the overall mine operations plan, and should be integral to the operational life cycle of the mine sites.